Solar technology
Photo- voltaic
Our new photo-voltaic innovations  offer more performance at a low purchase price.
It will be soon supplemented by a new photovoltaic -cell.  This item provides a better efficiency to a much favorable price.
While searching for a better and less expensive semiconductor material, the so-called CIS-technology was hit upon. In this procedure a mixture of copper, indium, gallium and selen is vaporized upon a glass-plate, which bears considerable advantages in comparison to conventional silicon layering: In this way the module can be produced at less expenses and therefore is competitive to other forms of energy. "Our secret is the technology how to apply the CIS", the inventor explains.
Solar desalination device
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Cost-free drinking-water out of the sea!
Test also our new unique solar seawater-desalination-device, which can be delivered already at a price below US $ 3.900.


The price awarded facility not only captivates by their economical functioning. It is also the result which amazes:

1.The produce is pure water, without noxious minerals, salt or germs. By means of the high temperatures a permanent hygienization takes place. The product is preheated by means of a heat exchanger to the feeded-in raw-water.

2.The product might be used as well as drinking water as for technical and industrial purposes. An excellent suitability results for the irrigation of plants and for drinking trough for cattle. By the lack of salt there is a overall reducing for the need of water.

3. The product has despite his inbuilt heat-recovery a high departure temperature. When used as warm-water there are energy-savings and the savings of other devices for heating water.

4. The waste-water can be used for irrigating plants with a high tolerance to salt. With the distillation of seawater the brine can be used in salt-works. Per cubic-meter there are 35 kg salt to be gained. An additional source of income.